Ok, so on Sunday I was watching a show on the history channel about Halloween. I had no Idea that the great holiday started in Ireland.

Why was I not up on the history of Halloween? Me! I love history, all history, of everything. And, I LOVE Halloween. The come as you aren’t holiday. Or, as I like to refer to it, the come as you really want to dress every day holiday.

I have not planned well for this year. I was not going to dress up as I was not going to be at work, then I was invited to a party, so costume plans are on. I have not decided on what I want to dress as yet.

I have a ton of costumes in my closet, there is the Anna Nicole, in poor taste now that she is dead, the Greek goddess, Wonder Woman (my personal favorite), Barbie doll one, and of course the quintessential sexy witch.

I will probably go with the witch one, I love that costume. However I love my wonder woman boots and have only worn them twice. Ugh, decisions.

Any thoughts on what I should be? And I would love to hear what everyone else is dressing up as!

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