Heavy On My Mind

Ok, I wasn’t going to ever, ever write about this, however, I had a very sleepless night and this is so heavy on my mind I have to get it out, so you all get to read about it!

At work there is (well there used to be) a woman that allegedly stole company money. I say alleged due to this has not been tried in a court of law.

It all started with money that she took from our morale committee and she said she was putting it in a bank account. No one else had access only her. The members of the committee repeatedly asked for a bank statement, she always had an excuse as to why she could not produce one, until finally she just flat out refused. She is a manager, did I mention that.

Well, someone on the committee called in asset protection within our company.

Unbeknownest to everyone, allegedly (there is that word again) she has been doing this type of thing with real company money and for quite some time.

Here is what is heavy on my mind. She is a single mom and her financial situation was precarious at best. I am simply basing this opinion on things that she let slip.

As a single mom, over the years and there have been times over the past 15 years where I have had to make very difficult decisions. Do I pay the electric bill or feed my children? There is nothing more difficult than making that call to ask for an extension to pay your bill, you feel like such a loser. There are so many of us that face or have faced those challenges. I admit I no longer face those types of difficulties. I thank God every single day of my life for my excellent paying job and my Mary Kay career as one allows me to pay the bills and feed my children and live in a great neighborhood (my job) and the other, my Mary Kay career allows my to buy all of the extras, class rings for all of my children, my sons lacrosse equipment, the boys guitar lessons, art lessons and dance class for my daughter. I am so amazingly blessed.

Now I know what you are thinking, this woman was a manager, didn’t she make good money. Well, no, she didn’t make what I make. She made way less.

The huge difference between me and her is I never took what didn’t belong to me to see to my financial obligations.

I wish I could go back in time and talk to the woman she was, the one before she made all of the bad decisions. I wish I could tell her if she just persevered things do have a tendency to work themselves out.

What I would like is for anyone who reads this to do is to simply say a prayer not only for the single moms who face these hardships, but the single dads, and the two parent households. Everyone faces adversity of some form or another. None is immune. It is how we face those situations that says who we are.

I hope everyone out there has as good of friends as I have been blessed with, the ones that when I let slip I was having a hard time said, OMG Girl, Me Too!!!

That made things easier somehow.

Thanks to all of you!!!

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