Time Travel

Last week I was talking to friend of mine who got married a while back, my friend was saying how sometimes they missed their single self. I immediately responded I miss 16 year old Angie.

Then I started thinking, I really do miss her. She was absolutely, totally fearless. Faced every day with the expectation that it was going to be amazing and wonderful. She was right the majority of the time, you have to account for normal teenage angst in there.

So, being who I am, I decided to do a little time traveling. No, I do not own a Delorian, or a flux capacitor. I have a Ford…

I put on my wide legged jeans, hoop earrings, tons of lipgloss, sparkle eyeshadow (I don’t own blue, however, have found a copious amount of sparkles covers a ton of sins) and got my hair as close to Farrah hair as possible.

Got into my car, sans cell phone, 16 year old Angie didn’t even know what that would be! Backed out of my garage and turned on the radio. There is this great station that plays nothing but ’70’s music.

To my great delight More, More, More by Andrea True Connection was playing, I turned it up so loud the car pulsated, next was Todd Rundgren, love, love, love him, I was rewarded next with Peter Frampton.

I was 16 again, carefree, slightly wild and always perfectly coiffed. As I drove down the street I didn’t think about bills, work, kids, politics, war, famine, death, taxes or dinner. It all melted away.

I drove for about 20 minutes, enjoying in every indulgent second.

As I pulled back into the garage the ’70’s melted away and I was back in good old 2008. I wondered if I would miss it as I walked into the house.

My 17 year old son was waiting for me, gave me a huge hug, announced the cats had thrown up and he was leaving. I found I didn’t miss 16 year old Angie as much as I thought I would. She is great to visit, fun to reminisce with, however, I love my life, my children and who I am now.

I highly recommend time travel, however, I suggest you only do it in 20 minute increments, anything longer and you might not find your way back.

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