OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Foreigner is on Private Sessions! Can you believe it? OMG! I love Foreigner. They totally rock, yes present tense. Mick Jones is just awesome. Every song from Foreigner 4 was the background music of my senior year in high school. Every question in life can be answered by a song on that album. They sang Waiting For a Girl Like You, Cold as Ice, and now they are singing my ultimate favorite song Urgent. Urgent is my favorite, favorite song. I such vivid memories of driving down highway 169 going from Owasso to Tulsa with Tammi, Pam and Tonya singing Urgent at the top of our lungs. Now that was the best ever.

I wore out two Forgeiner 4 cassette tapes (remember those?) I have the album thanks to my son Jeffrey. He bought it for me for my birthday 2 years ago, he saw it in a used book store and remembered me playing the cassette when he was little. Thank God for my son and vinyl! I am so going to have to get the cd. I love that hard hitting sax, omg it so totally rocks! Everyone has a soundtrack of their lives, Foreigner is mine.

This totally makes my whole week start off the right way!

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