I have recently had a huge epiphany. I will never achieve my goal of being like my mother. It is way hard! I don’t know how she did it! Being good all of the time, only thinking good thoughts about people. Never judging them for the things they wear or they way they speak or the things they do. OMG! I don’t know how she did it!

My only conclusion is she must not have been fully human. In the Bible it talks about Angels coming down and mating with humans. She must have been a direct descendant. That is my scientific conclusion as to her perfectness.

I have decided that in order to be like her I will have to suppress my natural inclinations to voice anything I am thinking at the moment I am thinking those thoughts.

This is going to be way hard. I will probably backslide a lot. For those of you un-baptist people, backsliding is a very Baptist term for those of us who continually sin. Wait, I don’t mean us, I mean other people. Not me…. (just in case anyone I know reads this, I never, ever, ever do anything that could be considered backsliding….)

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  1. I will be glad to personally help your quest by pointing out loudly and repeatedly every time you backslide. Not that you ever have or would, of course…

  2. Jess, trust me, I totally appreciate your willingness to keep me on the straight and narrow… I just have the feeling you enjoy the purely entertainment value that I offer when I swerve off that path once in a while!

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